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 Rank System!

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PostSubject: Rank System!   Tue Jan 26, 2010 9:55 pm

Buttsexwhore - rank u get for being a retard and while being Buttsexwhore u CANT TALK! -no special abillities

Lowbie - rank u get if u enter the guild and u aint 80 lvl,basically all chars >80 shall remain on this rank! -no speciall ablities

Initiate - first rank u get when u enter the guild and ur 80 lvl -no special abilities

Mmeber - this rank u can obtain by having a FORUM ACCOUNT and at least 1 POST! -can view Gbank tabs

Veteran - this rank u can obtain by doing at least 5 events/graids and having at least 20 POSTS on forum! -Can view and windraw 1item per Gbank tab from 2 Gbank tabs

Chronic elite - this rank is reserved only for former players of CHRONIC DOMINATION server and u cant obtain it if u didnt paly there! -can view and windraw 1 item per Gbank tab from all Gbank tabz,aswell as 100 gold,can invite,promote and demote,set public and officer note

Officer - this rank u can obtain by making events/graids,helping guild members in game and on forumz,ull be needing at least 50 FORUMS POSTS and ull have to apply on forums(soon ill add the application format) -can view and windraw 1 item per Gbank tab from all Gbank tabz,aswell as 100 gold,can invite,promote and demote,set public and officer note

Co-Gm - this rank is reserved for highly skilled Officers only!!!u can obtain that rank only if a GM or Co-Gms ask u to be one!!! -can view,and windraw 10 items per Gbank tab from all Gbank tabs aswell as 1k gold,can set GMOTD,listen and peak in Officer chat,set public and officer notes,can invite,promote and demote,aswell as Gkick!

GM will remain the same for now!(wilmort)

Cuong says:sup?
darko says:quited wow...not in mood...
Cuong says:Dude, I know how it is. I've also been missing all the people I've played with.
But it's a decision we will once make in our life.
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Rank System!
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